One week before your session, use a scrub to help peel off the top layer of skin. This will help me in the process of tattooing. Five days before your session, moisturize the tattoo site with cream daily. Moisturized skin makes the tattooing process easier and helps the skin heal faster.

Get good sleep and have breakfast before your session - this will make the tattooing process more comfortable for you. Remember that fatigue and hunger are not good for your stamina. Body discomfort (tiredness, toothache, nervousness) will increase the discomfort.

Set yourself up to get a tattoo. People have no problem with 4-5 hour sessions, so I'm sure you'll do fine, too.

The area of the skin on which we are going to do the tattoo must be carefully shaved (even if the body hair is thin and blond). It will be more convenient for you to do it at home.

✶ One week before the session, do not go to the solarium and do not depilate the place of the future tattoo.

Before your session, please do not drink black coffee, energy drinks, or any vasodilators.

Wear comfortable clothes to your session. Choose clothes that don't squeeze or chafe and that you can sit in for hours without a problem. Or you can take your comfortable clothes with you and change into them at the studio. After the session, I'll take photos of the tattoo and I'd be happy and grateful if you came in solid-colored clothes in dark colors.

Three days before the session do not drink alcohol.

I kindly ask you to come to the session alone and not to bring company with you.

If we have a big session, take a lunch with you. We can take a short break to eat and rest.
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