For a consultation or booking a session, you can email me or fill out the form below. If you choose to email, be sure to include the answers to these points in your message:
  • your name and where are you from
  • describe the idea in detail
  • attach references (e.g. images of works that you like or that reflect the idea of what you want to see on your skin).
  • where on your body you want the tattoo (and attach a photo of this area)
  • the approximate size (height and width) of the tattoo in centimeters

I need this information to understand your idea and to give you an estimate of the price and time needed to complete the work. Then we can discuss how best to implement your idea in detail via email.

All the tattoos that I do are based on my sketches and in my own style, so it's important that you really like my work. You can come to me with your idea and I will create a sketch taking into account your requests and the place on your body where the tattoo will be. I also have designs that you can choose from. You can find them on this site or in the highlights on my Instagram page.

I prepare all the sketches for the session in the form of an outlined image, which depicts the basic elements such as animals and botany. During the session, I add all the tones and small details like leaf veins and cracks directly onto the skin. If needed, I can draw the individual details on the skin with a pen to ensure the tattoo is placed more harmoniously on the body, taking your anatomy into account.

If you feel comfortable entrusting me with your tattoo and we have discussed all the details via email, we can then choose a date and time for the session. A deposit will be needed to secure a spot. The deposit is non-refundable if you decide not to get the tattoo for any reason, if you cancel the scheduled session, or if you want to reschedule it for more than a month later. Therefore, please be sure that you can attend the session when booking it.


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All of my works revolve around the forest and its inhabitants: birds, animals, moths, imaginary creatures, plants and witch-like elements. These are the main characters of my stories. I love applying contrasting imagery, which is why my tattoos are a combination of solid black, whip shading and untouched areas of skin.

Through my work, I aim to tell the world about the uniqueness of each of you by framing your ideas with my vision. The most important thing for me is to make the tattoo complement the person and provide a sense of wholeness, as if the tattoo has always been there. For me it is important that it fits the individual's anatomy - emphasizing their curves and creating movement in the composition.


I like to work with intricate elements in my compositions, and I dedicate a significant amount of time to make my strokes with precision in accordance with my various techniques. The price of the tattoo is determined individually based on factors such as its size, placement, and complexity of the composition and of the techniques I use. The presence or absence of scars or moles is also important.

The design is included in the price of the tattoo.


Tattooing has been my passion and a big part of my life for about 5 years now. I've always had an affinity for graphics, woodland aesthetics and some witchy vibes. So I never set out to define my style – I just always drew what I liked.

For me, tattoos are a combination of art, personality, vision and the technical skills of a tattoo artist. That's why working with the intricate details and placement of the tattoo is crucial for me. Tattooing gives me the opportunity to create something beautiful and unique and to travel and meet new people – it's a constant source of inspiration.


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